Neuenkirchen, Niedersachsen, Germany 2008

Neuenkirchen Choice

We asked a jury of experts from the village of Neuenkirchen, northern Germany, to choose a film out of our archive for the exhibition Bewohnte Orte / Obydlená Místa. The exhibition takes place in Springhornhof, Neuenkirchen. The jury decided to have a closer look at five films:

Pinion, Cefn-y-Coed, Wales (2008)
Kuttner, Ornding, Lower Austria (2007)
Waterink, Anevelde, Netherlands (2007)
Heinrich, Rieben, Eastern Germany (2008)
Kreitmayer, Großmugl, Lower Austria (2007)

The last film was selected without a dissentient vote. Josef Kreitmayer produces potatoes. He runs his farm single-handed. According to the jury there is a relation to the region through the local “Heide”-potato and the annual potato feast. The film is very true, the way it shows reality, the use of equipment, the dependence on the weather, together with the reflection of nature and so aestethical issues and finally the personal aspect make this film very convincing. The jury especially stresses the precise representation of contemporary family life.

The jury members: Jürgen Cordes, farmer, Dieter Leinecker, major of Neuenkirchen, Nadja Leinecker, director Heide-Touristik Neuenkirchen, Guido Pahl, regional managemant of the Leader-Region Hohe Heide, Jürgen Rymarczyk, former head of the borough, chairman of Stiftung and Kunstverein Springhornhof