Pinion, Cefn-Y-Coed, Wales, 2008

… My family from either one side or the other has been running this farm for about four to five generations now. It’s a shame to think that I’m almost certain gonna be the last one of them. But I can’t really see any of my boys having a future doing this. I think by then small family farms will be pretty much wiped out. I suppose nobody’s got a divine right to farm or do anything, really, you can either do it or you can’t, you gotta get on with it.

… In these days that any property has come for sale up here now there is no way anybody, any local person can afford them. Usually somebody is sort of retiring from London or Birmingham; somebody sold a house there for a huge amount of money and can afford a nice house in the country here.

The average age of farmers in Wales is 56 years.