Oppelmayer, Göttlesbrunn, Austria, 2007
Our farm is in the wine growing area of Carnuntum in the eastern part of Lower Austria. It has existed since 1638 - or at least the family tree of the Oppelmayers goes back this far without any gaps and will hopefully continue to be run as a family business in the next generation. […]
At a first glance, the work in the vineyard may seem nice and easy and it is - for a short while. But I have the utmost respect for my people who work in the vineyards because it can get terribly boring. It lasts for days on end and one usually - or almost always! - has the feeling that one is standing on the same spot all the time. We have 40,000 vines producing grapes and every one of them gets cared for and treated by hand a few times a year. Sometimes this happens in the extreme cold, for example when cutting them back in winter - of which my father does 50 per cent. He stands outside in all weathers, in all temperatures for at least a few hours a day and cuts back the vines. In summer, with temperatures of 30 degrees Celsius or more, it is no less tiring. It is hot, it is close, the sun beats down and all you can do is look forward to the evening. The work has to be done and does get done; our people just have to get on with it. It is always a challenge for all those involved. […]