Heiligendorf, Lower Saxony, Germany, 2008

Farmers’ Choice

For the exhibition Village People at Kunstverein Wolfsburg in July 2008 a jury of farmers from Heiligendorf chose one out of eight movies from the Austrian and Dutch parts of I like being a farmer and I would like to stay one.

From the statement of the jury:
All of the eight films appear to be interesting as a representation of the difficulties of farming seen from the point of view of a family. The Jury finally chose the film made by the Redder family from Balkbrug in the Netherlands. It shows a dairy farm of a common size in which production follows contemporary standards; a farm that will probably be operated by the next generation of the family.

Members of the jury that met on May 1st were Ulrich Lücke, Edith Lücke, Johannes Schulte-Eickhoff and Thomas Rosinsky, all from Heiligendorf.