Kronlechner, Oppenberg, Austria, 2007
Kronlechner, Oppenberg
A typical day, Friday, 25 May 2007

5 am
Alarm clock rings––get up. Go to the cowshed. Milk the cows.
6 am
Go back into the house, wake up Katrin for school, get the sandwiches for school and breakfast ready. Katrin gets picked up by the school bus at 6.30.
6.30 am
Back to the cowshed. Hans has finished milking the cows in the meantime. Wash the milking equipment. Get the milk tank ready for being picked up at 7 am.
7 am
I go back into the house to wake up Martin and Doris for school. Breakfast – they get picked up by the school bus at 7.30.
7.30 am
Back to the barn––feed the pigs, hens, goat and rabbit. In the meantime, Hans goes out into the field to fence off a new bit of pasture for the cows. Cows and heifers are driven out to pasture. Finish cleaning the barn.
8.45 am
Our well-earned breakfast is waiting.
9.30 – 12 am
Housework, cooking; Hans repairs the fencing.
12 pm
Martin comes home from school first.
1 pm
Doris comes home from school–– lunch. Tidy up kitchen, hang up the washing at some point.

2 pm
Katrin comes home from school also wanting lunch.Hans chops firewood in the afternoon. Supervise the children’s homework and housework at the same time.
4 pm
Regina comes home from boarding school with a lot to tell. We have a coffee break.
5 pm
Go to the barn, milk the cows, feed them––the same jobs as in the morning. When I have finished in the shed, some gardening, watering flowers etc.
8 pm
The chores are done––the children can stay up a bit later today because they do not have school on Saturday. I do the ironing. Hans does the office work.
10 pm
We go to bed––it was another tiring, but good day.