János Sallai, Nagykamarás, Hungary, 2017
On the wholesale market in Budapest men lean on their Transporters. They smoke. They fumble with their cell phones. We park in the melon section, next to men who have the same on offer as we do: watermelons, sweet corn, perhaps and some honey melons. Negotiations are tedious, clandestine and nerve-wracking. No one tells their neighbors for how much they sold, the market is full of lies, says János, you cannot believe anyone, in fact, it is best to stick to your own business and not get mixed up in anyone else’s. Shortly before midnight everyone packs up and loads the trucks again; hardly any melons have been sold. Some will be back to the market tomorrow at noon to try again, others drive home or drive to the wholesale market in Szeged, hoping that the situation is better there.