Kuttner, Erlauf, Austria, 2007

Our farm has 106 acres, of which 80 acres are arable land, 2 are pasture and 24 are woodland. For previous generations, this surface area was enough to generate a decent income and live reasonably well. For our generation, the size of our farm is far too small to feed a family. […]

A decisive time for our farm was when we joined the EU. It be came clear that in our climatically disadavantaged region, we could not compete in the production of potatoes and vegetables with the main areas for these products. So we gave up our production of potatoes, salad, vegetables and herbs; we sold the plastic covered greenhouse for cucumber and peppers and concentrated only on trading with fruit and vegetables. […]

Animal husbandry has never much intersted me and I would not have been able to do it... I never developed an interest in animals although we always had them in the house... So I did not want to have animals on the farm. That which we do now I really enjoy although there is often a lot to do and it is also hard work. […]